my (very late)quote ficathon story

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my (very late)quote ficathon story

Post by knightrider2004 » Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:15 am

Here is my story and to all I am sorry for being so late but my computer has been erasing my things and freezing lot but I finally have it done. My quote was Michael: You mean this car can just take off? Go for gas or a carwash?
Devon: Yes! It`s terrific isn`t it?
Michael: Well that`s just great if I happen to be working under it!
I wrote a story with this quote in it I hope you enjoy.

Danger of the Knight
By Colby
It was a dark gloomy night when all of a sudden two bright green and blue colored import street racers rolled up. The cars were followed by a brand new red Ferrari and an all new silver Corvette. Inside one of the cars sat Michael Knight’s brother, Colby Long. He was in debt from gambling with the wrong crowd. He was now hired as a street racer by the man he was in debt from, Carlos Ray. Ray was an evil man. He was 5`9 with graying black hair and was kind of overweight. Colby was 6`2 with short dark brown hair that was straight unlike Michael’s. He was built regular too. A woman walked out in front of them and had them signal her when they were ready to race by revving their motors. So once everyone revved their motors she dropped her scarf and the racers went off racing. They were cruising at speeds of 110 and 120 miles per hour. The racers finally came to an end at the finish line and when they stopped the police showed up since street racing is illegal. Carlos had called the police in order for Colby to get caught. Carlos hid a gun used in a murder from earlier that day. Carlos figured that Colby could pay off his gambling debt by rotting away in prison. The police searched every car since there tip from Carlos said they would find the murderer’s weapon in one of the cars along with the murderer driving it. So finally they got to Colby`s car and without knowing about the weapon got arrested.
The next day on a desert road a black Trans Am with a red scanner light mounted on the front end of the car is cruising along at 55 miles per hour with Michael Knight driving. Since it was 7:00 AM in the morning so Michael Knight went to get breakfast at a diner along that road. Michael goes to K.I.T.T., Would you like anything? K.I.T.T. replied very funny Michael. Michael laughed and went inside the diner. While he was eating he asked the waitress for a newspaper. When he saw the cover his face went from happy and full to shocked and scarce. On the front page of the paper it read Colby Long murdered owner of casino. As soon as he saw this he paid for his breakfast ran outside and jumped into K.I.T.T. and sped off onto the road. Michael said to K.I.T.T. get Devon on the horn I have to talk to him. K.I.T.T. replied right away Michael. Devon’s face appeared on the monitor on K.I.T.T.`s dash and said Michael what was so urgent that you had to interrupt your breakfast? Michael replied you remember how I told you about my kid brother Colby? Devon replied yes. Michael then said well he is on the front page of the paper and it says he murdered someone. Devon we both know he wouldn’t hurt anyone Michael said. Devon replied yes I no. So what do you need Devon replied? Michael said I need to have time away so I can go help him because he is my brother. As much as Devon wanted him to attend the foundation’s banquet he also remembered how much Michael loves his brother so he said yes take all the time you would like. Michael then replied thanks Devon and said see you later. Yes good luck Michael Devon said and then disappeared from the monitor. K.I.T.T. plot me a course to San Francisco. K.I.T.T. then replied would you like it to be off major highways? Michael then said whatever is quickest. K.I.T.T. replied off major highways it is Michael.
Within one day Michael and K.I.T.T. finally arrived in Frisco and went directly to the jail where Colby was being held and bailed him out. K.I.T.T. suggested that Michael should say that he was someone from the foundation here to help with his case
and to tell him who he really is later on. Michael bailed his brother Colby out of prison and offered to help him with his case. Colby accepted.
Inside K.I.T.T. Michael said all right I want to get this over with right now, Colby say hello to K.I.T.T. Colby stared at Michael like he was crazy then thinking it was a joke said hey K.I.T.T. Colby then heard a voice from the car say hello Colby. Colby shocked yelled pull over the car! Michael then said K.I.T.T. is a computer built into this car. He controls it. Colby then replied so this car can take off. Go for gas or a car wash just like that? Well that would be terrific if someone happened to be working under it. K.I.T.T. wouldn't harm you. His main programming is the preservation of human life. That's
right K.I.T.T. replied. Colby then said weird and just kept silent until they reached the SEMI.
After driving into the SEMI and getting out Michael and Colby were greeted by Devon Miles. Michael then said this is Colby Long he was framed for a crime he
didn't do but I am going to help him get out of it......that is if you will let me Devon? Devon then said of course he seems like he is in need and I would be happy to have you help him. Michael replied by saying thanks Devon I will get to work on the case
right now. Come with me Colby. Once inside of K.I.T.T. Michael said all right im gonna be on the level with you. You know your brother Michael Long? Colby said yes. Michael then said I don't know how to tell you this but I am Michael Long. Colby replied with this is all a sick joke. Michael said no I have proof. Remember my scars on the top of my head from Vietnam? Touch em. Once Colby did he said oh my god its good to see you Mike! Michael then said you can’t tell anybody though. You got it? Colby said I got it.
Michael then asked where were you caught by the police? I want to check out the scene. He said at the old abandoned airport on 5th Street. Michael said O.K. lets get over there. He then floored K.I.T.T. and the LED lights on the peddle lit up fully. K.I.T.T. then
said this feels good I haven't been up to 200 miles per hour in quite a while! Colby then said what kind of engine do you have in this car! Right before Michael answered K.I.T.T. said it’s a jet turbine engine capable of speeds up to 300 miles per hour. Colby then said well Michael I remember the principle telling you that you wouldn't make it anywhere in life but you seem to be doing all right for yourself. Michael then did a low laugh and drove on to the airfield. Once they arrived K.I.T.T. asked if Michael wanted him to do a scan of the area. Michael said yes. So then K.I.T.T.`s red LED bar light moved back and
fourth making the usual scanning sound. K.I.T.T. finally said that he found that many races have been done here and that there is a trace of blood spatter that could mean a murder was committed here. Michael then said all right this could be bigger than just a
frame up so let’s go to the SEMI and tell this to Devon. You do need a check up from Bonnie. Colby after being silent for a while asked who’s Bonnie? Michael
then said oh Bonnie. She is something else I think your going to like her.
Michael then drove up to the SEMI and waited for it to open up. While both cars were still driving Michael slammed the gas pedal and pulled up into the SEMI flawlessly. Finally home K.I.T.T. said. When Colby got out and he saw Bonnie he said hello Bonnie! Michael then said Bonnie I think you have an admirer winking at her with a grin. Michael then said to Devon I spotted where the murder that he was framed for could have been done. Devon then said where is it? Michael replied it’s at the abandoned airfield. K.I.T.T. found blood spatter on the ground. Devon then said you better check out Colby’s boss who he claims set him up. Alright then Michael said. Who is it? Colby then said Carlos Ray. But I don’t have an address. Michael then said that’s O.K. K.I.T.T. can look it up. After a while of K.I.T.T. going through his files he finally found an address and they both set off leaving Colby with Devon and Bonnie.
After Michael had driven out of the SEMI Colby had walked over to Bonnie to try and charm her when she said don’t even think about it. Michael has tried and
has failed. Colby then said OK I will just wait in the back of the trailer. While this happened Michael was speeding off with K.I.T.T to Carlos Ray’s home.
A siren all of a sudden went on and red lights started flashing Michael then said are we speeding K.I.T.T.? No Michael we are only going 55 MPH K.I.T.T.
replied. The sleek Trans Am then pulled off to the side of the road with the police car following. Unknowingly to Michael and K.I.T.T. the person in the police car was a hit man for Carlos Ray. One of Carlos’s henchmen had seen Colby get into a black
Trans Am with a license plate lettering KNIGHT. So the hit man was to go around town looking for the car posing as a policeman until he found it. The man then walked up to K.I.T.T. and then K.I.T.T. yelled Michael role up the window he has a shot gun! Michael then rolled up the window and the shot gun spatter bounced off the wall and at that instance Michael started up K.I.T.T. and sped off. However the man jumped into his
police car and went after him. The police car had caught up to the black Trans Am and they were speeding through the city of San Francisco driving over the hills at 110 MPH going airborne at the same time. At the end of the road he reached the peer and saw a
trash barge. Michael then saw a slight ramp and K.I.T.T. said if your thinking of jumping onto that barge you will have to press the turbo boost button to clear on to the boat safely. Michael then said OK hit it while putting K.I.T.T. into drive and skidding out.
The speedometer ticked at a fast pace as the car accelerated up to 125 MPH and finally reaching the ramp he pressed turbo boost and the black Trans Am soared through the air landing on the barge padded by trash. Upon landing Michael shifted the car into park and abruptly stopped. Shortly after the landing the speeding police car approached the ramp and thinking that the Trans Am didn’t have help to make it onto the barge he floored the car and hit the ramp and went into the air he had soared farther than K.I.T.T. had estimated and he landed into the ocean swimming out before the car completely submerged. After this Michael turned on the aquatic synthesizer and rode on the water until they reached a beach and rode off on the rode to Carlos Ray’s home.
K.I.T.T. get Devon on the horn I need to tell him about this. Right away Michael K.I.T.T. said. Devon then appeared on K.I.T.T.`s monitor in his dash and Devon said hello Michael. Michael then replied Devon I almost got blown away by a hit man in disguise as a cop I am guessing he was after Colby. Devon do me a favor get him into protective custody and tell no one OK? Alright Michael I will get to work as soon as possible. Thanks Devon.
Michael the blood I found at the air field matches the blood of the body that was killed with the gun in Colby`s car. Anything else K.I.T.T.? K.I.T.T. responded yes I found a partial finger print on the gun and I ran what was left of it from the rest being smeared away and I found two possible suspects, one Carlos Ray and one Sam Wheeler. Michael then said well obviously Colby has no connection to wheeler and no record right? He does have a record but its only one count of disturbing the peace while hosting a party. Doesent seem like a potential murderer. So let’s take Carlos in. Shall I notify the local police department? No K.I.T.T. that’s OK.
Michael then saw the stone wall and said K.I.T.T. I need a boost about a hundred feet. After this the driver side t top of the Trans Am opened and Michael shot out and landed on the top. Michael then spoke into his COM link watch thanks buddy. K.I.T.T. said no problem. After climbing down the vines growing on the wall he went to the back door and pulled out his lock pick kit and picked the lock until he got in. Michael’s plan was to break in and get Carlos and bring him in to the police with the evidence he had. When he got in the house K.I.T.T. just scanned an alarm in the house and was too late to warn Michael when it went off and Carlos woke up and ran to the garage. He then jumped into his red 1969 Ferrari convertible and sped off down the road. K.I.T.T. then drove through the front gate and did a skid turn next to Michael while opening the door. As Michael jumped in the front seat the LED display under K.I.T.T.`s voice modulator went from AUTO CRUISE to PURSUIT MODE. The black Trans Am then took off down the road like a bullet fired from a gun. Quickly closing in on the Ferrari Carlos Ray was running out of ideas but then he had driven on to a bridge that was about to go up and he had made it over with out going airborne but the bridge was half up when the Trans Am reached it but Michael still had the accelerator down and he pressed turbo boost and cleared 100 feet landing directly in front of the Ferrari making Carlos spin into a light post. He was knocked out which made him easy to Trans port. Carlos was then brought to the local police station where with the evidence Michael and K.I.T.T. found Carlos was convicted of murder, resisting arrest, planting evidence, destroying public property, and a set up. Colby’s murder charges were dismissed on September 16 and he was set free. He thanked everyone at the foundation especially Michael and he left never to gamble again. Michael kept in touch with him though and they met on occasion. But Colby went around the country as a loner.
Michael wouldnt one woman be sufficient?

-K.I.T.T., Trust Doesent Rust

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Post by knightshade » Sat Feb 12, 2005 11:08 am

Interesting response to the challenge, knightrider2004. Glad you finally managed to get it posted (I hate it when I lose things in crashes).

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Post by hot knight » Tue Feb 15, 2005 11:31 pm

That was pretty good. Maybe they should start a new season and have you right for them. That would be cool.