knight rider marathon is go again on bravo (uk)

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knight rider marathon is go again on bravo (uk)

Post by knightendo » Mon Jan 31, 2005 6:42 pm

check out where they've again joined forces with Nintendo :D :D :D for another kr marathon. not as long as the previous ones this one may only be five hours each of the two days but they're giving us the chance to win really cool ninty stuff by voting for episodes from seasons three and four (although the fact that they're advertising it as a list of "fan favourites" is deceptive to non-fans as it makes it sound like this is a selection of fan-fave eps from all four seasons but no way is it: voodoo knight is included!!! :O this is a list of s3&4 episodes only!)

head over to their site and cast ur votes folks!! :D
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