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New Battelstar Galactica and KR's future?

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 12:17 pm
by KFCreator
Anyone interested in seeing what they've been doing with retooling Glen Larson's "Battestar Galactica" in the last year and now as a brand new series? I see some similarities between this new version and the original but it's interesting to note how they modernized it. Most notably, it has a much more modern-tech, dark and mature feel to it. Anyone think this is the direction any future KR movie/series will take? Also, I got my first glimpse at the new Cylons in this adaptation of BG and they still have the red sweeping scanner lights but they look much more smooth and they look like they were done with CG and not actual lights (hence no bright light effect to them or lens flare from what I have seen). As many elements of KR were drawn from BG, I've really been following the Sci-Fi commercials just to see what the new look is like and to see if I think this is the direction KR is headed. What do you guys think?

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 1:22 pm
by knightdriver

I have been following the new Battlestar series and I can honestly
say that if a new incarnation of Knight Rider gets made like this new
Battlestar series, then we are in for some definite treats. This
show is very well written an acted. Granted, a majority of it is
CG it still holds true to alot of the original series yets gives us a
more serious take on the shows vision. I for one am loving this
new show. This and lost have become my two most favorite TV
series of all time (Not including Knight Rider of course.)

And for those interested, the whole mini series as well as the
first two episodes are on today (sunday) on Sci-Fi. Give it
a chance, you may like it.

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:13 pm
by knightendo
i love the series, the first season was magnificent, i really hope it gets renewed for another year, it would be very well deserved. i'l admit i only have vague memories of the original series but with awful remakes recently (ok, in the cinema i mean) of classic shows i didn't expect much, and after the mini-series being on several times i only decided to watch it when sky one showed it as a full movie recently, then the whole first season week by week. obviously i hope the kr movie doesn't resort to cgi for every bloomin' "stunt" lol, but the graphics in BG are stunning, and completely immerse you in the story without you thinking once "oh look at the naff effects" lol.

it's a very powerful drama, and the direction and music, editing are all superb. a very unique series, and i have to say the first time i saw the cylons "eyes" i had to think "cool, KITT" lol ;)

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 7:02 pm
by ReddawgKnight
I watched mini series movie on channel 5 here in chicago last saturday night..and i gotta say im hooked to it now...the messed up part about it is i cant watch it weekly since i dont have cable or satelite....damn