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Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 12:32 pm
by Sith
Whilst the idea for contacting Rockstar is a valid one, I'd advise us not to do so just yet.

My thinking being that the next generation of consoles will start hitting over the next 12 - 16 months. We should wait until things settle with these, before we submit our new list of suggestions as I think we can all safely say that we'd like to see Knight Rider on PS3 etc.

In addition, events may occur in that Davilex will sell off the license themselves... or continue work on another cash in sequel. So in either event, our efforts to Rockstar (or whomever) would be in vain.

We must bide our time my friends. And if the new movie goes into filming later this year - that will be the time for us to strike, as the intellectual property of the license will be alot bigger.

And then the likes of Rockstar will be far more open to our ideas...

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 8:30 pm
by Paul
Yeah, on reflection I agree with you Sith, those are all very good points.

I must admit, my "contact Rockstar" idea, while genuine, is probably heavily biased by the fact that lately I've been playing the heck out of San Andreas...every time I end up in the desert area in a black car I think to myself, "This engine would make a GREAT Knight Rider game."

But you're right, I'll hold off writing any emails for a while. :D

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2005 9:24 am
by 86chvs10
Well if Davilex is still going to keep the license for Knight Rider when PS3 comes out.America will probably not see the game either.So to me i don't really care if Davilex is making another game for Knight Rider.I wouldn't make any plans for it to purchase.So i don't really care which game company it is as long as it''s a company in America,and that makes the game available to everyone, instead of just Europe.So it maybe not Rockstar Games.But maybe a Game Company that's close to as good as RockStar makes there games. Heck even Japan Game Developers can get games through the US. Like Gran Turismo games. So what i'm saying i guess is that Davilex needs to get rid of the license, and give it to some other Company.

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 7:29 am
by rhdaussiekitt
i thought the style of the dukes of hazzard return of the general lee

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 9:37 am
by jacktherattle
Paul wrote:On page 4 of this thread, jacktherattle suggested writing enmasse to EA or Activision to create a Knight Rider game utilising the list of suggestions posted by members of this board to Davilex.

I think he's thinking along the right lines, but I'd change one thing.

I think the company we should write to is Rockstar North or Rockstar Games. Think about it: They excel in 3D free-roaming driving games that allow the main character to get out of the car and do his own thing as he goes around, into buildings, into combat with people etc.

If Rockstar got the licence to Knight Rider from Davilex they could use a game engine they already have: The basic engine from GTA San Andreas, with mods to accomodate Knight Rider. With no disrespect to the comminity of modders out there, if Rockstar did it properly and officially, just imagine the potential the thing could have. Making comparisons to San Andreas:

The main character (CJ) would instead be Michael Knight, but Michael would have all the attributes and abilities CJ currently has, such as the ability to develop muscle, change clothes and so on, as long as the wardrobe contained only the kind of clothes you might see Michael wearing during a typical episode of Knight Rider. They could even have "special" outfits to unlock in the wardrobe like the infamous red turtleneck.

Taking the HUGE San Andreas map as an example: It has all the areas suitable for a perfect Knight Rider game: Major cities, tiny towns, lots of country roads, dirt lanes, desert, etc, all the kinds of areas that Michael and KITT visited regularly on the show. Rockstar could create a map that had the same elements as San Andreas but with a different layout.

Michael should be able to get in and out of the car almost at will, as using the GTA engine some missions would involve high speed chases, some would involve Knight Rider stunts, some would involve Michael doing his own thing outside the car, but with a "danger sense" meter onscreen. If Michael screws up he can escape when his danger meter fills up by using the comlink to call KITT to his rescue. This would fail the mission and they'd have to try again.

To add to the variety of vehicles, Michael can't steal any car like CJ can (after all this is Knight Rider and not GTA) but maybe Michael could take other Knight Industries vehicles dotted around the map...or not.

To pick up missions CJ walks into a specific marker in the GTA universe. In the KR universe, Michael would drive to a specific area marked on the map where the semi would be waiting. Michael drives KITT into the marker at the rear of the semi and a cutscene triggers inside the semi showing Devon giving Michael his mission and Bonnie doing whatever she needs to do to KITT before the start of the mission. Cutscene ends with the car backing out of the semi and then you get control back and drive off to do the mission.

Like the TV series, when you trigger a mission at the Semi bonnie could fit KITT with a mission specific device that the game tells you how to use as and when needed during the mission, then (also like the TV series) the gadget is never used again.

KITT can take damage (as can Michael) but not as violently as the cars in San Andreas; after all, KITT has the MBS etc. When he does need repair however, he can go to the Knight Rider equivalent of GTA's Pay N Spray locations around town (Maybe remote Knight Industries locations), OR to the Knight Mansion which should have a static location somewhere on the map, or to the fact, since the semi could also be used to trigger missions, there should be an option when approaching the semi, "Press < for repairs or press > for mission or press ^ to save," or something like that. Also, you should be able to save your game at the semi or the Knight Mansion or the remote Pay N Spray locations by using the same < > ^ method mentioned above.

Also, Rockstar would have the resources (I assume) to be able to put the minigames, races, eploration/collection tokens etc etc into it.

Say, collect 100 Knight tokens and KARR spawns at the Knight Mansion. Get into KARR and you can press R3 (like police car missions in GTA) and you can trigger the KARR odd jobs. Michael (briefly) goes bad he and KARR team up to rob banks etc. Press R3 again and Michael comes back to normal as the KARR missions end. You could also have collection tokens to spawn KIFT or Devon's Mercedes, or even RCIII's dirtbike or Goliath. Or, maybe just make these vehicles available at the beginning of the game to give Michael (and the player) some variety of vehicle. There could even be missions where Michael goes without KITT in a normal car, does his thing, and then calls KITT to him.

I would also hope that Rockstar would have the sway and resources necessary to get the original cast to do the voices, and given the awesome storylines in GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas I'm sure they could come up with a good story.

Since Davilex are either unable or unwilling to produce a game worthy of the content matter in the licence, maybe we should suggest to them they sell the licence...while at the same time suggesting to Rockstar they buy it using my premise above,

What do you all think....? Should we try contacting Rockstar (or EA or Activision or whoever) and making this suggestion to them, or is this just very wishful thinking?

I agree with you here. Some one could post here an e-mail address of Rockstar and then we could make it happen. Listen people. EVERYTHING is possible. "The World of Knight Rider game" would be hit of the year. 8)

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:09 am
by Skav
believe it or not, my friend bought the game and is actually enjoying playing it.

he's stuck on level 3 at the mo but he says its better than the first.

given the negativity of the reviews, i still have my doubts, of course.

but i just can't believe SOMEONE is actually liking it.

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:28 am
by jacktherattle
Skav wrote:believe it or not, my friend bought the game and is actually enjoying playing it.

he's stuck on level 3 at the mo but he says its better than the first.

given the negativity of the reviews, i still have my doubts, of course.

but i just can't believe SOMEONE is actually liking it.

It was great at the first time, but now after GTA San Andreas I don't miss it.

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 6:28 am
by KARR_Lover
Oh my God, I didn't even know there was a first Knightrider game.

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 3:33 pm
by FuzzieDice
Yeah. I have the demo. Can't play it much because of my motion problems (health). But I also have the 2nd demo and I actually like the first one. I think the first one was more accurate, voice-wise especially.

Hey, I love your avatar, KARR_Lover! do you know where I can get a larger picture of that? I love both KITT and KARR (and Dryden - my Pontaic 6000 - too of course! ;) )

I can't wait for Season 3 to come out so I can see KITT vs. KARR again. I don't get cable as it's too expensive. :(