KR Fanfic mentioned on C|Net...

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KR Fanfic mentioned on C|Net...

Post by KRR » Sun Dec 15, 2002 3:03 pm

This week's Power Download from C|Net's is all about the best file encryption software.....and mentioned as one of the nonessential files (that you wouldn't mind people seeing) is Knight Rider fanfic!

From the article on the front page of

Padlock your PC
The new supersuit sketches, the homemade 3D animations, the Knight Rider fan fiction--Power doesn’t really care if anyone sees those kinds of files on his machine. In fact, he’s thinking of putting that stuff up on his Web site for all of his adoring fans to view. But the blueprint of the secret hideout, the master password list, the secret database of Powerpuff Girls memorabilia? If those files fell into the wrong hands, it would surely spell doom for the great caped one. To keep the sensitive stuff safe, Power uses BestCrypt. The utility takes over a part of Power’s hard drive and creates a virtual drive with military-grade encryption. Anything stored on the virtual drive is not only password protected, but completely hidden from prying eyes. Hot keys can be assigned to quickly lock up his virtual drive whenever he steps away from his machine. The utility also deletes files with a little extra encrypted gusto, guaranteeing that all deleted files stay that way.

Tune in next week for another exciting episode of...Power Downloader!

Check it out for yourself here:

Nothing that's gonna turn attention to the world of KR, but a ref all the same.

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Post by knightimmortal » Sun Dec 15, 2002 9:50 pm

Wow! That's cool! At least somebody remembered the fic enough to mention it! Very cool find!