Kitt or Kitty?

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Kitt or Kitty?

Post by BlazeFox » Fri Aug 23, 2002 10:32 pm

Hmmmm.. this reminds me of a movie.. KITT or Kitty? Glen or Glenda.. KITT did have the ability to change his voice and harmonize right? Could you imagine KITT's scanner turning from blood red to a neon pink? Thats just scary. Yes.. Michale would still know that KITT was a car.. but this is Michale Knight we're talking about here. It could be a girl with an ugly face resembling that of Clinton and a Pitbull and if it still had a ky00te voice he would try to use the lamest pick up lines on it. Just the thought of them dating disgust me deeply. No Michale and KITT yaoi! Pleaaaaaaaaaaase! Noooo!
Could you imagine what their children would look like? *ewwwwww* would be like infant Turbo Teens.