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Should Kitt remain all american car or import

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Should Kitt remain all american car or import

Postby james olden » Dec 26, 2011 11:22 pm

Alot of people feel that Kitt should stay all american car like how the knight two thousand and the knight three thousand was all american muscle car. There have been talk about alot of people saying that kitt should be a import.
I myself in my opinion feel that kitt should stay american muscle car. But i want to know, What do you guys think??
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Should Kitt remain all american car or import



Re: Should Kitt remain all american car or import

Postby Knightphoenix1 » Dec 27, 2011 3:52 am

I think Kitt should remain a practical car. Mainly because we as fans will want to buy the car that Kitt is. If Kitt is a Lambo, veyron, or some other super car, we can't really get that you know? I have drawn several different Kitts and I feel it should be the Camaro SS2. It makes sense, its already got the slit for the scanner and its the Trans Ams brother. R.I.P Trans Am.
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Re: Should Kitt remain all american car or import

Postby The shadowy flight » Dec 27, 2011 6:35 pm

My take on KITT would be:

1. Yes, stay as an everday sports car, but pushing a bit on the futuristic edge, say 3-4 years ahead of design.

2. Doesn't necessarily have to be an all american car, as long as it has the distinctive custom KITT nose, scanner, resembling car body and an interior that screams Knight Rider - such as the Acura NSX concept, which is coming very very close to a modern version of KITT. Design lineage of KITT IS A MUST!

3. KITT's voice should be the same - I know, William Daniels' voice has aged, since I heard him on CC Roast of DH, but there are surely voice actors, who comes close to his voice.
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The shadowy flight
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Re: Should Kitt remain all american car or import

Postby Ka2 » Dec 27, 2011 6:41 pm

I too think KITT should be a practical car. Part of what made KITT, KITT was that he didn't really stand out that much. If a black trans am drove past some they would just see a black Trans Am drive by. But if a Lamborghini or Ferrari or Porsche went by, well, people would sit up and take real notice.

KITT was supposed to be the "everycar" to Micheal's "everyman". Something that was "normal", but extraordinary.

On that note I don't think American or not is that much of the biggest concern. It's if the chosen car can look the part (with some tweaking of course).

The current Camaro and Mustang are good, I am not real familiar with a current foreign sports car that could really fill the bill, but that doesn't mean one wouldn't be available by the time a movie was being made.
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