Perfect Idea, Do What Star Trek 2009 Did! It will work!

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Perfect Idea, Do What Star Trek 2009 Did! It will work!

Post by davidknightrider » Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:12 am

I know a lot of people are saying that because this is a new movie and story that it should not have anything to do with previous incarnations of Knight Rider, but I disagree. There is a perfect way to create something new and fresh yet still acknowledge the past. We shouldn't be scared of acknowledging such great moments.

Remember a show called Star Trek? It started off in the late 60s, and ended up as a long running theatrical series alongside spin off tv series which all belonged to the same universe.

Of course, in the last few years or so, Star Trek had lost its way in terms of both the TV Series and the movie sequels, so they decided to do a sequel with a twist.

Now granted, with Star Trek, since its Sci Fi they had more creative license to use time travel as a method of essentially "restarting" or creating an alternate timeline.

What I think should be done however with Knight Rider is sort of similar.

For the new movie, these are the main points which they could follow:

1.) David Hasselhoff is still Michael Knight, William Daniels is KITT, TransAM as KITT.
2.) Justin Bruening as Michael Knight Jr, Val Kilmer as KI3T, Mustang as KI3T.
3.) Briefly acknowledge key moments in previous KR history, acknowledge death of Devon Miles
4.) The story should be about Michael Knight, his son and another new action based actor.
5.) Original KITT and KI3T are used alongside a totally new KITT to drive the action and story along.
5.) The end should result in the start of a new movie series which utilies a brand new custom made KITT, a totally new car driven by a new action based actor.
6.) Further movie sequels could then be made and Hasselhoff and co could make cameos.

Everybody who goes to see Knight Rider will want to see the TransAM. I believe the best option is to just pick and choose which parts of KR history they acknowledge, the mainstream audience is not going to be bothered about specific details from the original series, KR2000 or KR08.

Just create an action packed story, with great visuals and introduce a brand new KITT driven by a new big name actor and we should have a box office winner.

Hasselhoff still looks in great shape, has the charisma, and pulling power to put bums on seats in theatres.
I say do what Star Trek from 2009 did, acknowledge the original series yet by the end, a new movie series has been created.

It makes more sense to do this than risk everything on a totally new restart, and knowing how much the film studios are reluctant to do things, this could be a great compromise.

I can guarentee a great action packed story with these elements will give us a great combination of old and new.
We will still see the TransAM, and the Mustang, but by the end we will have a totally new car which we will all love!

You guys know that what I am saying makes sense! :good:

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Re: Perfect Idea, Do What Star Trek 2009 Did! It will work!

Post by chrisjones » Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:18 pm

I'm sorry but as nice as your idea is it's not at all feasable. There is no way in hell any production company with any amount of financial 'clout' will back a project featuring elements of the failed TV re-boot, it would be just too risky!

Sorry to be a bore, but you need to remain realistic.
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Re: Perfect Idea, Do What Star Trek 2009 Did! It will work!

Post by WIBoomer1 » Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:40 pm

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I've been working...

davidknightrider, it won't happen. Please remember that the only reason why KR 08 was ever done was to block a motion picture version. Not just that, but just like all the previous spin-offs, you won't see old school 82 KITT.

If you want to see them together, Google knight rider fan fiction. There's a ton of good creative stories that brings them together.