Donations for the Children's Miracle Network

supported by Knight Rider Online and Knight Rider Festival

This March, Knight Rider fans and stars from around the globe will unite in Las Vegas to celebrate a series that touched so many of us. Created on the belief that one person has the power to make a difference, Knight Rider taught us that each of us has the capacity to help others.

It is the basis from these teachings that the Knight Rider Festival began its genesis. To not only bring together fans of Knight Rider and celebrate those of us (the fans, the replica owners, the stars) who continue to keep Knight Rider alive, but to also take that energy and apply it to something positive, something that can give hope.

The organizer, Paul Casey, realized this and has made arrangements with the Children's Miracle Network. While the event is free, donations will be accepted and appreciated. They will go to help champion the cause of the innocent, the powerless, the helpless. Their attackers may not be visible in a way KITT could help, but their threat is very real.

How to help

We realize that many fans around the globe would want to participate in donating to this noble cause, but wont be able to be in Las Vegas for the event. It is because of this that we are agreeing to accept donations on behalf of the Children's Miracle Network via secure transaction via PayPal.

By submitting a donation of any amount on this page, you joining a pool of funds from around the globe. When the Festival arrives, a representative from Knight Rider Online will present a check for the total amount along with a list of all names of people who submitted donations greater than $1.00. The presentation will take place at a VIP event the Friday of the event, in front of all the distinguished guests. We will video tape this happening and post it for the world to see.

Even if you can not make it, you can have the power to affect someone's life. Join the community at Knight Rider Online and come together to help support the Children's Miracle Network.

Official letter from the Children's Miracle Network
Message from Paul Casey

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as of 4/1/09

about the children's miracle network

The Children's Miracle Network (CMN) is an international non-profit organization that raises funds for Children's hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children's health issues. The organization, founded in 1983 by the Osmond family and John Schneider, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. To date, the Children's Miracle Network claims to have raised over US$3.2 billion which is distributed directly to a network of 170 hospitals.


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